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Samsung HeartWise Collection

I designed a variety of features in the Samsung HeartWise mobile and wearable apps to improve the on-boarding experience, user education and usability. All of the designs have been shipped in multiple releases. 

Nov 2018 -  Aug 2019

All projects have shipped

My role: owned the end-to-end design process: ideation, prototyping, UI/UX design, motion design, illustration

Team: 2 designers, 1 writer, 1 PM, 4 engineers

product shot.png

A seamless pairing experience that significantly reduces on-boarding time

Clinicians help patients pair up their phone and wearable, which is an important step for patients to onboard the rehab program. However, the old pairing process happened in 2 different apps across mobile and wearable. The lengthy and disjointed experience was error-prone and caused user friction. Working with 4 engineers, I designed and built a seamless and consistent pairing flow in the HeartWise app, which significantly reduced the on-boarding time to about 30 seconds.

pairing before.png
The old pairing process was complicated and lengthy.
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Driven by the mobile app, the new pairing experience is a lot more consistent and efficient.

Happy path is always desired, but we know that in actual use environment, users might run into different issues and have to go through the trouble-shooting steps. To make the experience less dull and more engaging for users, I took the initiative to create a set of fun and pleasant icons for different error states. 

An extra mile that adds to the pleasantness of our design.

An engaging tutorial built for our user group

Majority of our users are seniors who aren't used to actively exploring in the apps. As a result, some of the features in our app were not even discovered by our users. I designed an on-boarding flow that highlight the main tasks/interaction through engaging and easy-to-understand animation. Since launch, we've got users' feedback that they had a better understanding of what the app could do and how to navigate in the app.

Tutorial Walkthrough
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The animation was slowed down on purpose for our user group.

Usability improvement, Design language

In this project, I led the initiative to mitigate some of the usability issues in our app. Through playing with icons, layout and typography, I revamped the visuals of the app to bring clearer CTAs, consistency, and brought a refresh and friendly look and feel. 

The old design
The new design
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